Monday, June 25, 2018

Where am I?

Do you ever think to yourself, how do they see me? Do they feel me? Actually hear me?

Where did I go? How well did I do? Can I do better? Is He Happy with me? He’s The Most Kind, & that’s what I’m counting on.


At the restaurant today, in the middle of the birthday wishing & giving, I felt so blurred out. I was so overwhelmed. What was I doing at my 25th? I was having you baby.

Where did the years go? Where did you go? Do you still see me? Or am I just a blurry memory?


I have so much to share. Feel too much. Too strongly continuously overwhelmed. I need a break. Meet me at brunch? not with a full plate.


You Hear me.
You See me.
You Know me.
You Made me.
You Give & Take.
I Turn to You.
Only You.

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