Thursday, June 21, 2018


Remember when we bought this pillow together baby? It misses you a lot & doesn’t believe that real life can be so harsh. It’s so glad and relieved that it’s a pillow & not real mama & baby bears.


It’s not always only mama & her baby. It’s Mama’s whole family too. Mama’s family loves you excessively princess! Everyone literally is a part of who you are young girl.

Attu is what you called Lulu when you started talking. خالتو supposedly.

You guys had this unique connection from day one. Siblings like & more. Something that I wasn’t to you. Your first bff.

She surprised me & flew in to see you when you were born & got you the cutest earrings you’ve ever had. I loved them so much on you. They broke. Time does that. Makes. Breaks. Mends.

I don’t know what this time away from us all is doing to you. All I do know is what it’s doing to US. It’s too painful. Attu is suffering a lot these days. Broke down a couple of times & wants me to fight harder, but I can’t baby. Can’t do more. Wallah I can’t. Just. Can’t.


Remember that night, first time ever, she let you sleep without brushing your teeth? Yup, that’s her! That’s what Attu is for.

She had you when I weaned you, & you didn’t feel nothing, ‘cuz she’s always got you. I’m sorry not to complete the two years, had to, you’ll understand when you grow up inshaAllah.

She was right there when you had your eyes surgery, & I was calming her down.

She’s always got you. She got you your first swimming suit, converse pair & hot shorts. She held you in the water for the first time. She gave you her own IPad, against my wish. Your first Ipad ever, & brought you that cute red case, reNember? So whenever you need one, just go to her ;)

She taught you your first full song.
Messed you up with ice cream.
She let your hair go crazy,
& carried you whenever I’d scream.

No one will be to you,
Like your precious Attu.
Do you still hide your ‘r’,
When you want your dreams to come true?

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