Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Your pyjamas are soaked in tears. They’re not your size anymore. You’re growing away from me. I ask kids how old they are; to imagine how big you’ve become. They answer it like any other boring question silly grownups ask, not knowing how much it means to me.

Long days & nights have turned into months. Months are turning into a year/years. Only He Knows when I’ll see you next.

You see I failed. Failed to fight our fight. I wasn’t raised a warrior, I’m just a mama duck. I can swim and walk on land, but not fight them wolves & mice. My quacks were never loud, nor was my pace quick enough.

They tell me get louder, fight harder, not knowing I can’t do it further. I had my share of noise; my heart can’t take this fracture.

I CAN NOT do any more, I lost in the battlefield. I wasn’t born to slaughter, nor did I learn how to make a shield.

I ask Him for you all the time,
While driving, stopping & following lines,
While walking between the isles,
I’m the crazy talking to herself mom.

Will the cutest duckling find her way home,
To her broken wounded mama, alone?
You & I are never alone,
He’s alway Got our backs & Hears our moans.

May your Eid be filled with joy & love,
No balloons without you, nothing yummy on our stove.

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