Wednesday, April 5, 2017


May God's Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon us all :)

These are my first words of a new chapter in my life.

Today marks a new page in my "Sakeena Within" life book. Sakeena is one of my favorite Arabic words, that stands for tranquility. It's a search for that inner peace that we all long for.. Sakeena is what I wanted to name my baby girl, but couldn't as it wasn't pronounced correctly where she was born.

I'd love to share here my views and heartfelt emotions that might help in making our world a better one; and eventually be a road to heaven! This is my second blog. I started blogging from 2004 until roughly 2013. However stopped gradually for drowning in an ocean of misery.

Here I am a survivor of a tough ride that lasted for years! Where do I begin!

My life has begun 31 solar years ago, with so many amazing people in my life! I've always been blessed with love, respect and dignity; qualities that are scarce in today's world.

I want to thank my lovely family for supporting me all through the years.. The 31 years!

Thank you all and may Allah reward you for your endless unconditional love!

I chose this picture to start with as it represents a moment of joy that I experienced with my Mom that tops all charts. Love you Mommy! May I never spend a moment without your warm lovely smile, amen!

So cheers to new beginnings and a new breeze :)

To Mom, Dad, siblings, Uncle A., my lovely daughter, my dearest late Grandpa and to the world, here's my "peace" of Sakeena for you :)



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